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What’s Cookin’ This Week

Today has been pretty smooth. Elijah seemed a little ill this morning, but is acting normal now. I guess he was right yesterday. He’s hard to read. He sees someone else get medicine and thinks it’s a treat sometimes, so when he was saying that he needed medicine, but looked fine, acted normal, ate well…it … Continue reading »

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Miss Grumpy McGrumplepants

 I seriously need to get some perspective. It’s normal for me to occasionally get spun around by my to-do list and to feel overwhelmed and overstimulated. But THIS FOOD THING (well, really, it’s a subset of “this thyroid thing”) has taken me to a new level of crazy. Yesterday, I woke up realizing my “old … Continue reading »

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Truth Fairy

Ian, if you are older, or have invented time travel, and are reading this, the tooth truth of the following story may sting a bit, but hopefully not too much. Last Saturday morning, we were at the breakfast table eating waffles, when Ian started spitting and sputtering and expelled something from his mouth. “My toof … Continue reading »

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