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Follow-Up CT Today (Updated)

UPDATE AT BOTTOM Today Elijah will have a CT Scan to follow up on some lesions in his lungs. They are probably scar tissue, but the doc is keeping an eye on them. Here is what we are looking at. Imagine you sliced the top of his body off at the shoulders and then looked … Continue reading »

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It’s best to starve your PET

We rocked. We walked. We bounced. A boy knows what he wants. He tantrumed with all his might. I briefly calmed him with some warm water in a bottle. He doesn’t drink out of bottles, but he was happy to chew for a moment. I tried some TV. I walked some more, praying and praying he’d fall asleep. Finally, he did sleep, but it was only long enough for me to get dressed, sneak some food and wake him up to go. Continue reading »

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Three, Two, One, Vinblastine

Yesterday (Friday), Elijah *finally* had his last planned dose of chemo. In three weeks, he will have a full-body PET scan, and if it is at least as good-looking as his previous scan, then he will go to an observation schedule of check-ups every month, then every three months, then 6 months, then annually. He … Continue reading »

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