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Can We Trust God (and His Grapes)?

Examining God’s Love in Jeremiah I want to share what God put on my heart during my quiet time this morning, as I read Jeremiah 5. It’s really easy to gloss over the Old Testament (OT – the writings before Jesus’ time on Earth) and see an angry, violent God, and to feel totally at a … Continue reading »

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Start Your Engines

I’m having inertia issues. It’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I don’t try because the “catch-up” is too intimidating. I have an anal desire to have all the events of interest over time logged, as to forget none of the cute toddlerisms or preschool milestones or family adventures. I shall attempt to let go … Continue reading »

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One-Eyed, One-Hand Crying Little-People Feeder

I’m starting the year off with a bang. Friday night, I put my contacts in a case and discovered my saline bottle was empty. I grabbed an open bottle from under the sink thinking it was fairly fresh and squirted some in my case. Saturday morning, I discovered the painful way that the saline expired three years … Continue reading »

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