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Tagged With: learning

Proverbs and Idioms

Today we had fun learning some proverbs and idioms, which seem to be nearly the same, except that proverbs are longer. I wrote the beginning of some common sayings and let them think about how to finish them. They came pretty close with a bunch of them. I made sure they didn’t discuss their answers or … Continue reading »

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Launching into Orbit: Vol. 1

After some weeks or months of consideration, triggered by my first actual bout of puppy fever, we decided to get a dog. I took the boys to the library, and we got a fat stack of dog books. While I devoured some Cesar Millan, the boys huddled around breed books and learned about favorable characteristics. … Continue reading »

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Sneaky Math and Zombie Science

Today was a comfortable day with the sort of natural flow of learning that I love. After breakfast, Ian and Isaac wanted to finish a Lego project they started yesterday, so I said I’d do something with Elijah. When they noticed that I’d brought out the Magna-Tiles, they all decided to join Elijah and I. … Continue reading »

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