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Tagged With: imagination

A Stud in the Stacks

The good: ¬†For breakfast, I made nomulous goat’s milk grits with sauteed onions & peppers & diced jalepenos (and a smidgin of Pepper Jack), coconut flour-dusted potatoes with sauteed onions and turkey sausage. For lunch I made lettuce wraps with sauteed (in avocado and sesame oils) portobello mushrooms, onions, broccoli slaw, quinoa and cashews. I … Continue reading »

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2013 According to Facebook

Since I haven’t yet come to terms with making microblogs, and mostly post the interesting stuff in status form, here are some FB status selections from 2013. As it turns out, I did a lot of photo statuses early in the year, which I can’t easily copy. That’s okay. There is enough fun after November … Continue reading »

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Argh, the Dreams, Yay, the Boy.

My over-active imagination never seems to miss an appointment. I tire of writing about this, now that Elijah’s chemo treatment is 2 years behind us, but apparently I need to work it out some more, or there’s some reason I’m not supposed to “get over it.” Last night, as I was trying to sleep, I … Continue reading »

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