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Tagged With: humor

Proverbs and Idioms

Today we had fun learning some proverbs and idioms, which seem to be nearly the same, except that proverbs are longer. I wrote the beginning of some common sayings and let them think about how to finish them. They came pretty close with a bunch of them. I made sure they didn’t discuss their answers or … Continue reading »

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Periodic Superheroes, Etc.

I’ve already posted today, but instead of Facebooking everything, I’m trying to be good and blog it. So a few unrelated mentionables:   I’m overhearing the boys play a new superhero game. They’ve given themselves interesting names. Elijah, 4, says, “I’m Vitamin D, but I can turn into Protein Man OR Batman.” Isaac, 6, is … Continue reading »

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2013 According to Facebook

Since I haven’t yet come to terms with making microblogs, and mostly post the interesting stuff in status form, here are some FB status selections from 2013. As it turns out, I did a lot of photo statuses early in the year, which I can’t easily copy. That’s okay. There is enough fun after November … Continue reading »

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