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Can We Trust God (and His Grapes)?

Examining God’s Love in Jeremiah I want to share what God put on my heart during my quiet time this morning, as I read Jeremiah 5. It’s really easy to gloss over┬áthe Old Testament (OT – the writings before Jesus’ time on Earth) and see an angry, violent God, and to feel totally at a … Continue reading »

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A Nun See Hate

I’m really enjoying the experience of my four-year-old’s means of expressing himself. I almost didn’t repeat this, but the other night, I swore I heard Elijah say, “Black guys are stupid.” What-what?! That can’t be what he said, but he said it three times and it’s all I could hear, the way he was merging … Continue reading »

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My Journey to Heal My Thyroid: The Beginning

Hello again. A number of people, including myself, have gently suggested I’m past due for a post. By a lot. Then, my nutritionist suggested I blog my experience with my new diet, and I thought that was a great idea. Maybe it can help someone else relate, who is also going though difficult dietary changes. … Continue reading »

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