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What I Didn’t Expect When I was Expecting

This post isn’t a fun family update, but it’s about our family in the sense that the experiences I have encountered with my boys, and the knowledge I have sought, frequently too late, has culminated in a set of opinions on pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the early days of child rearing. I did some thinking … Continue reading »

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Ian begged me all week to make lemonade. Finally, I bought two bags of lemons and started the project. Our favorite recipe involves a cup of water per lemon and a quarter cup of sugar per lemon, a lot of peeling or zesting, soaking the peels/zest in the sugar, dissolving it in boiled water, removing … Continue reading »

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Party Pooper

Remember that Play Foam that the big brothers were supposed to be playing with yesterday while Elijah was going down for his nap? Here is a photo I’ve borrowed from PlayFoam to show you what it could look like before preschoolers have mashed all the colors together to make a big confetti-colored pie. Continue reading »

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